Highway 762 North Project

Are you interested in a water pipeline service to north highway 762?

There is an opportunity to develop a water pipeline service to our area. An Interested-Residents Committee will evaluate and determine costs and budgets for using the Fish Creek Ranch (FCR) Water option to service Rusticana and the north Hwy 762 area.  

Proposed Phasing & TIming

Phase 1

Create a committee to begin the Preliminary Investigation Stage


Phase 2

If enough interest, the committee will meet with the MD for preliminary numbers 

Phase 3

Move into formal process for Local Improvement Petition Request 

How Much Does it Cost?

Once the MD receives and accepts a petition from landowners, the MD will obtain a final engineering estimate. This amount will include a connection fee of $15,000 per unit to FCR. This is a 50% reduction from the regular $30.000 fee. This reduced fee is available for the initial offering only.

Note: The MD will then advise all signatories to the petition of the cost of connections. All signatories then have the option of accepting the amount and proceeding with connection.