Introducing the West Foothills Water Project


Providing Water Pipeline Services to the West Foothills Region

There is an opportunity to develop a water pipeline service to our area. An Interested-Residents Committee will evaluate and determine costs and budgets for using the Fish Creek Ranch water option for the Hwy 762 area. 

In 2012 the MD of Foothills entered into a long term lease whereby they became the operator of the facility and are responsible for distribution of treated water to local communities by pipeline and bulk fill. Landowners living north and south of the water treatment plant have organized into an interested residents group and are working with the MD to obtain water pipelines to their areas. 

Further details on the Highway 762 South and North Projects are below.



A continuous supply of fresh water is supplied directly to your property through a piped, treated water system. 


Water sourced from the MD operated water treatment plant and distribution system at Fish Creek Ranch. 


A state-of-the-art Pall water treatment system that can service hundreds of homes in the area.​ 


Environmentally responsible solution that reduces concerns to the area's water shortage and depleting ground water resources. 

Cost Effectiveness

Opportunity to pay through a Local Improvement Tax. Such a tax amortizes the cost over a 20 year period at a minimal interest rate. 

Property Value

Significantly increase the value of your property by adding a high quality water pipeline system. 


Let us know if you're interested!

Provide your contact details and a member of the committee will be in touch. ​

If you have questions or require further information, contact us at 

West Foothills Water

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